AXNumValidatedTF for Xojo


AXNumValidatedTF is a Xojo TextField subclass (32/64 bits) for Windows, macOS and Linux allowing the input validation of a defined numeric range, using the system Locale settings for decimal and grouping text formatting.

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  • Raise Events when the entered value is in / out of Range (active catching / propagation of the value).
  • Optionally displays a message Dialog when the entered value is out of range.
  • Optionally stays in focus when the entered value is out of range.
  • Use of Locale settings for Grouping and Decimal separators.
  • Adaptive formatting during the value validation.
  • Instance ToolTip / HelpTag set to the accepted value Range
  • Set the length of the decimal part for Real numbers.
  • IsInRange property to passively check if the value is inside the defined range.
  • Xojo API 2.0 / API 1.0 versions of the Class.
  • macOS / Windows / Linux (32/64 bits) compatible.
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