GuancheMOS: Serial Number Generation and Validation for Xojo Developers


Since 2005, GuancheMOS is the prefered serial number creation and validation Engine plug-in used by dozens of Xojo and REAL Studio developers all over the World in their shareware and commercial apps.

GuancheMOS can deploy Desktop, Web and Console apps (32 and 64 bits) for:

  • OS X
  • Windows
  • Linux

Protect your software with unique license generation in No Time – No Rocket Science!

This product has an additional charge of 21% of IVA (taxes) when applicable.

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Since 2005, the GuancheMOS plug-in is the serial number creation and validation Engine used by dozens of Xojo and REAL Studio developers all around the World in their shareware and commercial apps.

Download and test GuancheMOS in your own projects.

GuancheMOS is compatible with applications developed with Xojo and compiled for OS X (32 bits/64 bits), Windows (32 bits/64 bits), Linux (32 bits/64 bits) and Web executables, both Desktop and Console deployments. (Contact with me if you need a plug-in version able to compile with previous REAL Studio versions.)

GuancheMOS allows Xojo Macintosh, Windows, Linux and Web developers to include in their applications the ability to generate and validate unique serial numbers or license keys with a minimum effort and a minimum footprint in their final executables.

By using this plug-in, Xojo developers will be able also to create their own apps for the automated assignment and control of serial numbers in a per-application basis. Of course the main purpose of GuancheMOS is the integration of the serial validation process in the final apps with the simple call to a function.

Please, note that GuancheMOS is a commercial product. Registered users of GuancheMOS will be able to use this plug-in in all their applications without pay additional fees.

Good software with a responsive developer. […] When I did need to contact the developer a while back, I recall that he responded promptly and courteously. As to the software, it works just fine. (tvalleau, via Macupdate)

What is included with GuancheMOS?

GuancheMOS. This is the plug-in that you must drop into your Xojo > Plug-ins folder in order to use its  features in your own developments.

GuancheMOS Test. This is the source code of a bare-bones Xojo application that tests the installation, generation and  validation of serial number features. Please, note that this application is a *test plug-in* one, and that was not designed for production use. Probably you will want to create your own creation / validation application with additional features.

In demo mode GuancheMOS only allows 3 serial number/licenses generation per session, and the validation  feature is disabled. We think that this demo should give you a good taste about how easy is to use  and implement our solution into your own Xojo projects.

GuancheMOS Release Notes

  • GuancheMOS 1.8 Added compatibility with new Xojo Plug-in format and Xojo 2015r3. Added compatibility for 64 bits compiled applications under OS X, Windows and Linux.
  • GuancheMOS 1.7 Fixes a Windows compilation problem from REALbasic 2008 and later.
  • GuancheMOS 1.6 Adds compatibility for Linux.
  • GuancheMOS 1.5.6 Includes the ability of checking the serial numbers generated from the 1.5.x version of GuancheMOS.
  • GuancheMOS 1.5.5 Includes support to compile with the Mac OS X Universal Binary executables compiled with REALbasic 2006r4, Fixes some glitches and improves some inner works.
  • GuancheMOS 1.5 Includes four new modes for the creation of the Serial Number. Each mode is assignable in the Register method.


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