Snippery Release Notes

Snippery LogoSnippery 1.2 

Last release:
Published Date: 2016/10/20
MD5: d021f45655f3ab077c5cd73395b1f970


(New) Self-update Feature

Check, download and install new releases of Snippery directly from the app.


(New) Snippery’s Finder menu bar item

Create new snippets from any app with the text selected on the frontmost active window. This feature is only available when Snippery is not in locked mode.

This feature is NOT available on the Mac App Store edition, due to the impossed Sandbox limitations


(New) Syntax Highlighting

Visually identify the tags, commands, instructions and other items on the supported languages:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Xojo

Use the default colors or change them on Snippery’s preferences for every supported language.


(New) Color Scheme Editor

Create as many color schemes as you want, and change between them or reset to the defaults when you need. Export and import color schemes.


Access this feature from the View > Color Schemes menu.


(New) HTML Code View

Inspect the rendered HTML code from the Web Preview Window.


(New) Snippery Bookmarklet

Install the Bookmarklet available here in your favourite web browser, so you can add the selected text from any webpage you’re visiting.

If you’re reading this text from Snippery App, follow these steps in order to add the Bookmarklet:

  • Click on the link.
  • Control + Click on the “Snippery” button and select the “Copy Link” option.
  • Open your Web Browser
  • Add a new Favourite, name it (for example, “Snippery”) and paste the previously copied Link on the “Address / URL” field, depending the web browser you’re using.
  • Select the just added favourite so it is available on the Bookmarks bar on the web browser. That way, once you select the desired text just have to clic on the “Snippery” favourite button on the web Browser bar.


This option allows the creation of temporary Snippets when Snippery is in locked mode; something that is not doable using the Finder menu bar item when Snippery is in locked mode.


(New) List from tabbed text

Converts a tabbed text to an one-column list.


(Improved) Main Window

Snippery restores itself correctly to the last Screen and Full Screen state. Also automatically selects the last edited snippet, and restores the main toolbar visible state.


(Improved) Tags entry

Add several tags at once to the selected entry using the comma character as delimiter.


(Improved) Filter Widget

Visual changes to the filter input field.


(Improved) Text Expander

Uses syntax Highlighting to better identify the placeholders and HTML syntax (if any) from regular content.


(Improved) Shell Window

Multiline input field.


(Improved) Preferences

Adds Background color for the Editor area.


(Fix) Edit operations

Fixed text edition features:

  • Shift Left
  • Trim
  • Trim Selection


(Fix) Text Expander

Solved a problem where “Copy to Clipboard” feature was not working if the expansion action was started from text typing and not from the menu.


(Fix) Search and Replace

Fixed behaviour and “Saved Search” menu to include “None”, so now it is possible to type new search and replace criteria without modifying a previously saved one.


(Fix) Editor area refresh

Solved a minimum bug related with the refreshing of the contents after changing the selected entry.


(Fix) Lock feature

Now also closes the Web Preview window.


(Fix) Markdown parser

Solved a problem that doesn’t allowed the use of the apostrophe character as part of the linked text.


(Fix) Duplicate

Fixed a problem related with the duplication feature applied on entries that could have special characters on them.


(Fix) Inner workings

Several fixes and enhancements on the way Snippery internally works.


This page has been written, using Markdown syntax, and rendered as HTML with Snippery!


Snippery 1.1


Markdown Support (New) Markdown Support

Now you can use Markdown syntax to write your snippets, and Snippery will render and preview the resulting HTML in real time and export them to PDF, Word, RTF and HTML.

With Markdown you can use:

  • Several levels of Headers (H1 to H6)
  • Sorted and Unsorted lists
  • Blockquotes
  • Links
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Striketrough
  • Horizontal Ruler

Snippery 1.1 also includes a Markdown Cheatsheet from the Help Menu.


(New) PDF Export

You can export the selected snippet as a PDF file. This feature not only works from plain text snippets but also with HTML and Markdown snippets.


(New) HTML Export

Now it is possible to export the selected text snippet as HTML. This addition, when applied to a Markdown formatted text snippet is a really powerful feature!


(New) Word Export

Added the export option to create .docx formatted files compatibles with Microsoft Word among other word processing apps, including Apple Pages. This option is especially powerful when used with HTML and Markdown snippets, although the referenced images are not included in the resulting document.


(New) RTF Export

This export option generates .rtf formatted files compatibles with the vast majority of word processing apps. This option is especially powerful when used with HTML and Markdown snippets, although the referenced images are not included in the resulting document.


(New) Additional options for Filtering

Now it is possible to filter the available items by:

  • All: The typed text may appear in the Snippet’s Title, Text or Tag entries.
  • Title: The typed text only matches against the tittle.
  • Text: The typed text only matches against the main text.
  • Tags: The typed text only matches against any of the assigned tags.


In addition, it is possible to filter the entries based on their modification dates:

  • Any Date: Show all the entries that matches the remaining criteria independently their modification date.
  • Today: Show all the entries modified on the current date and that matches the other selected criteria.
  • Yesterday: Show all the entries that has been modified the day before to the current day, and that also matches the remaining criteria.
  • Last Week: Show all the entries modified during the last week, and that matches against the remaining criteria.
  • Last Month: Show all the entries modified during the last month, and that matches against the remaining criteria.
  • Last Year: Show all the entries modified during the year, and that matches against the remaining criteria.


The Filter feature also offers the ability to sort the filtered results by Creation Date, Modification Date or Title as criteria, both in ascending or descending mode.


This feature also includes a clean button directly on the Filter text field. Clicking on it deletes the filtered text, showing all the available entries on the database. This button has the same effect as the already available Snippet > View All menu item.


You can find additional information about this feature here


(New) Added Edition Mode and Preview Mode

Now it is possible to switch between Edition and Preview modes directly on the main window. In preview mode, the selected snippet is rendered as HTML. If the snippet content itself is HTML code or Markdown syntax, then the Preview Mode will render the contents. If the snippet is plain text, then the Preview Mode will wrap the text on a basic HTML structure.


(New) Added new Preference “Save by default”

With this preference enabled, Snippery saves automatically by default all the changes made to the selected snippet.

This way Snippery doesn’t have to ask to save the changes every time the user selects another entry, or does another operation that could affect the current text snippet’s content.


(New) Added preference for “Idle time before Lock”

Sets the period of idle time before the app locks the access to the information asking for the Password. (See ‘Improved Security’ below.) This feature only works when the database is encrypted.


(New) View snippet on its own window

Alt + Clic on a text snippet item to show its contents on its own auxiliary window. This way it is possible to access as many text snippets as needed while editing another text snippet in the main window.


(New) Registration info

The name of registered user (trial or final) is showed under the Help menu.


(New) Retina compatible

Snippery looks great on Retina compatible displays!

(Improved) Database Encryption

The Encrypt Window requires now to re-type the Password in order to avoid mistakes that could drive to an inaccessible database.


(Improved) General Security

The app ask now for password typing after five minutes idle, by default. It is possible to active the Password Window (or Locking Window) selecting the File > Lock menu item. When Snippery is in locked mode, there is no way to access the stored data, always the database has been previously encrypted.


In addition, the Backup feature generates an encrypted file when the main database is encripted too; otherwise, the database backup file is created as a clean format file, so anyone can inspect the contents using any regultar text editor.


You can find additional information about improved security on Snippery 1.1 here


(Improved) Text Expansion Feature

Now is possible to render any Text Expansion entry, with or without placeholders, directly to the Clipboard. This way it is easier to use the resulting text directly with other applications.


(Improved) Shell Window

Execution times are now several orders of magnitude faster on automated scripts.


Also have been added internal Snippery commands that can be used from a script designed to run in automation mode, or directly from the Shell input field.

  • Added {refresh:time}, where time is the amount of time expressed as milliseconds. Use this command when interacting with some Shell command that requires user input interaction, as when dealing with a SSH login session in automation mode, for instance.
  • Added new command to the automation mode, so now it is possible to set a waiting time before the execution of the next queued command. Use {wait:time}, where time is the amount of time expressed as milliseconds.
  • Added new command to the automation mode, so now it is possible to create a snippet directly from a script using {doCreate}. When found, this command also closes the Shell window once the Snippet has been created. You can use this command as the last step in an automated script, for instance. This way all the process can be executed without needing the user intervention.
  • Added {clear} command. When executed, from the Shell Window input field or as a command from a script, clears the output area.
  • Added button to copy the resulting text to the Clipboard instead of generating a new Snippet. Sometimes, this is all you need. This action closes the Shell window.


You can find additional information about Shell mode improvementes here


(Improved) Preferences Window

Added “Ok” and “Cancel” buttons instead of relying on closing the window to save the values without option to cancel changes. Also includes a new setting to adjust the idle time period to fire the security lock feature, and to save by default the changes made to the selected entry.


(Fix) Windows and Menu Appearance

Solved a problem related with mixed localizations on App UI.


(Fix) Text Snippets Window

Solved a problem related with refreshing the entries listbox after closing the Tags window.


(Fix) Text Expander, Placeholder substitution

Fixed a minor problem related with duplicated variables detection, in the rare cases where the user selected the main window to reactivate again the Text Expansion window.


There are also other number of minor fixes and UI/UX improvements, inner workings enhancements, and the wires that will enable future features!


This page has been written, using Markdown syntax, and rendered as HTML with Snippery!

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