Stamp: Don’t Repeat Yourself!


Last release:
Published date: 2016/10/22
MD5: a3657f5a7cb95a08f85e7049798b6e23
Code Signed: Stamp for Mac is Developer ID Signed.
Supported macOS: 10.7 and later

Don’t waste time writing again and again the same texts with minor changes!

No se ha encontrado ningún campo.

Improve your productivity with limitless text templates that you can select from the Finder menu, and where you can include up to nine placeholders so you can type the text that really changes once you want to apply the selected template on the frontmost document.

In addition, you can repeat and combine the placeholders on the templates, so you will have all the flexibility you need to properly compose complex text combinations!

Improve your productivity!

Use Stamp, from OS X 10.7 and on, to save time:

  • Writing canned messages with placeholders you will replace on the fly.
  • On customer support, writing email replies (or other mediums as Facebook, Twitter…)
  • Writing text snippets: headings, footprints, signatures…
  • Using code snippets in your projects
  • Writing reports, memorandums, emails

And lots of other text-related duties in your day to day!

Clean user interface, simple and fast to use, and best of all: Stamp will not hurt you pocket. It’s just 4.95 € and you can install and use it on every Mac you own!

Increase your productivity with Stamp: Expansion Window

Access the Templates from the Finder Menu

The Stamp finder menu dinamically shows just the ten most used templates so it is easy to access the ones you use more often! Nevertheless, you still can access all the templates from a Finder Menu item that gives access to a windows showing them all for selection: easy and fast!

Increase your productivity with Stamp:  Finder Menu

Add text in a breeze!

Create new templates with the selected text from any application using the Finder Menu item, dragging a text file or text selection to the Stamp window. This way it is really fast and easy adding new entries with text you are going to use again in the future!


Stamp for Mac is Developer ID Signed.

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