Markdown support is coming to Snippery (Sneak Preview)


Markdown LogoAs probably you know, Snippery is the last app I’ve launched recently for OS X. It is more than just a way to collect, categorize and search for all your text snippets, code fragments or any important data you may have and that you want to store safely (in fact, Snippery let you encrypt the data at your will!).

Besides their basic functionality (that one that is seen simply scratching the app’s surface), Snippery allows more advanced features. For example, you can find all sorts of edit operations that will save you time and effort modifying the selected text entry; but you also can find features to retrieve the entered website URL as HTML code and preview it it’s own window. Of course, because you have the code and an independent HTML Preview window, this allows you to put in practice any modification and see it rendered on the fly over the Web Preview Window, or maybe start your own HTML pages, experimentations or “proof of concept” and see the results in real time!

Text Expansion (AKA Templates)

Do you find yourself repeating all the same text, over and over, with the simply variation of a few terms, lines, names or other bits of text? This is where the Text Expansion feature fits like a glove. This feature allows you to enter any text you want, using some special tags here and there that will act as placeholders.

During the definition of a new Text Expansion (or template) you’ll have to assign a text shortcut. Once created a Text Expansion, you’ll only have to type the associated shortcut text in any existent or new entry, and it will be substituted with the associated text.

If you used placeholders in the template, then the Text Expansion feature will ask you for the new information that has to be placed in place for the defined placeholders. Nice, isn’t? You can view how this feature works in this video.

Combine this feature with the HTML Preview and… ta-da! Of course it’s a useful tool for other tasks; for example, the next topics.

Interactive (or atomatized) Shell Mode

Other great feature you can find in Snippery is the ability to have as many Shell windows as you need, generating new text snippets from the Shell session output. That’s ok but, how about create scripts where you can type the shell commands you want to execute and define the order they need to be executed? Well, that’s possible too, so once you define the scripts you can execute them as many times you need!

For example, in this video you can see a Snippery’s Shell window where is executed an automated script for accesing a remote Cisco router via SSH, and where are executed the dessired Cisco commands over the opened session.

But these are just a few of the great features you can find within the curren release of Snippery… and you will enjoy another big one with the release of the next release!

Markdown support will come with Snippery’s next realease!

In fact, I’m glad to show you a sneak preview about how works the Markdown support in the next Snippery’s minor release. At this point it supports what I found as the most useful selection of Markdown tags, so you can use them on your text snippets… and the text snippet will parse and render as HTML on the fly in the HTML Preview Window!

Here is the video where you can see a preview of how it works.


Once again, combine this feature with the Text Expansion (and other features I’m implementing these days), and you’ll have a great tool in your hand to save time and be more productive!

You can get your free trial license, download Snippery and find additional info and videos on the Snippery’s webpage.

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