Markdown Parser for Xojo v 1.0 released!

Has been a long way since his first inception and use on the Snippery App. Now, much more improved and refined, this 100% Xojo code un-encripted class is available for purchase, so anyone can implement it on their own Console, Desktop, Web or RaspberryPi projects, under 32 and 64 bits and for macOS, Windows and Linux Operating Systems!

Of course, you’ll see soon a new Snippery release that uses this much improved Markdown parser!

As developer, it will not take more than two minutes to implement its features under anyone of your current projects: give it the source text, the optional CSS Styles and you will get as result on the fly the HTML, so you can use it “as-is” for displaying purposes on an HTML control, or as a starting point for its use on reports, invoices, templates…



Want to take a taste of it? Please, download the .zip file containing the Test App for macOS, Windows and Linux operating systems (64 bits) and try it yourself. If you need a 32 bits version, please let me know and I’ll be glad to send it to you!

Learn more about how to use this class and the supported Markdown syntax itself on the product page.

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