Available Snippery 1.1: Markdown support and much more!

All these last days I’ve been showing some of the new features and improvements done on Snippery. Today, I’m excited to announce that Snippery 1.1 is finally available for immediate download as a free update for registered users, and for a more than affordable price of 14,95 euros for new users.

Snippery 1.1 includes a bunch of new features, a lot of existing features enhancements and the required bug fixes. As for the new features, I would like to highlight the Markdown syntax support, and the new gained capacity to export the selected snippet as a PDF, Word, RTF or HTML file, widening this way the uses and compatibility with third party apps.

Snippery Main Window
Beyond the new features, one of Snippery strengths still remains on the security side, and with this new release you can be confident about the fact that your data will be away from prying eyes. For that to occur, you just have to use the Encryption feature in combination with the adjustment of an Idle time that better suits your needs.

Finally, I would like to highlight too the greatly improved Filtering function. Starting with Snippery 1.1 you don’t need to dig into your database to find the desired snippet; using the provided filtering options now it is possible to narrow (and even sort) the filtered results to those you probably just need to see for the task at hand.

Nevertheless to say that this is just Snippery 1.1! So stay tuned to see what you can expect from future releases!

As usual, you can always download the latest Snippery release and use it in trial mode. Read the Release Notes (written with Markdown syntax and exported as HTML from Snippery) to see the listing of all the new features, improvements and fixes.

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